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SMBS pupils take centre stage

As part of Enterprise Week, Year 7 and 8 pupils visited the Shaftesbury Theatre last week for a backstage tour.

SMBS pupils visited Shaftesbury Theatre in the West End last week.  The Theatre is currently showing the stage adaptation of Mrs Doubtfire.

Our guides took us all around the theatre. Pupils were able to visit the Box Office, the Quick-Change Dressing Room, the Stalls and the Circle as well as go up onto the stage. One of the Technical Team showed us how the lights are operated, and we tried our hands at being ushers, finding different seats around the auditorium. The highlight of the trip was going up on to the stage and seeing the sets and looking at how the different parts of the sets move on and off the stage. Some pupils enjoyed being centre stage so much that they didn't want to come off at the end of the tour.

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