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Flipping Fun: Staff Pancake Race Wows the School!

The much anticipated SMBS Staff Pancake Race took place on Thursday and saw a new champion crowned for 2024.

On February 8th, SMBS witnessed the much-anticipated Staff Pancake Race. The race was an end-of-term high which kept everyone on the edge of their seats.

Due to the unpredictable weather, the race was moved indoors to the sports hall, ensuring that the excitement wasn't dampened by the elements.

Five brave staff members stepped up to the challenge - Miss Rodrigues, Miss Ali, Miss Cardoso, Miss Meade, and Mr Gadogbe. 

As the race kicked off, the sports hall buzzed with energy and enthusiasm. Most participants managed to get started swiftly, but some were hindered by their  apron strings and took longer to get off the mark!

The course, dotted with obstacles, tested the agility and pancake-flipping prowess of our staff members. It was a true test of skill and composure as they navigated their way through the challenges.

Mr Gadogbe and Miss Meade led the way. Mr Gadogbe was able to overtake on the last obstacle and cross the line first. Congratulation to Mr Gadogbe who is crowned SMBS Pankcake Race Champion 2024.


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