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Year 9 visit The Science Museum

 Year 9 students visited the Science museum last term  to develop their understanding of key science topics such as Light & Sound, Energy &  Forces and the Human Body.

The day started off with a brief introduction to the different areas we would be visiting. Students were then sent off in groups of 4, with an adult and were working in pairs to explore the different areas and use their investigative skills to identify different objects and use their understanding of science to build on some of their answers.  We were given the unique opportunity to visit an interactive gallery in which students were able to explore practical science and see science in action by taking part in different activities such as:



How friction works. Sliding a block down on different material and making a prediction to see which would fall first. (Topic: Forces)


Exploring primary and secondary colours through light. (Topic: Light and sound)
How your speed changes with the centre of gravity. (Topic: Forces)


Herries Street, London, W10 4LE

020 3693 4752