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DLD awareness day

In school on Friday, pupils learned about and discussed Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) in form time. They were invited to show their support for those with DLD by collecting a badge from our speech and language therapists. Some of our students have been invited to share their knowledge of DLD at an assembly in a local primary school next week. 

DLD looks different in each individual child. The child’s specific difficulties can also change as they get older and need to develop more complex skills. DLD is a long term condition that can have a big impact on a child/young person’s learning and achievement at school.

There is no known cause of DLD. However we know that it is NOT caused by:

  • Parenting style

  • Being bilingual

  • Emotional difficulties

  • Other medical conditions, such as hearing loss, Autism or severe learning difficulties. However, children and young people with these difficulties may also have a Language Disorder, but we do not describe this as DLD.

 How can you support your child at home?

  • Get your child’s attention - say their name before asking questions or giving instruction so they know when to listen.

  • Ensure your child can see your face to support their attention and listening.

  • Use simple language and repeat if necessary to support memory and provide as many opportunities for them to hear, see and use words.

  • Talk calmly and slowly to support their ability to process words.

  • Give your child more time to respond to help them process information.

  • Use of symbols – provide a picture and/or use gestures to represent new words or concepts to support their understanding visually.

  • Encourage your child to communicate with you however they can, accept gesture, pointing, facial expression.

  • Check they have understood instructions or new information.

  • Help them learn skills to join in with other children. For example, playing games at home to support turn taking and listening to others.

 For more information, please see:

Herries Street, London, W10 4LE

020 3693 4752