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KS4 take a walk on the wild side at ZSL

Key stage 4 have been learning about animals, where they live and what makes them different so they can survive in their habitats. 

Key Stage 4 visited London Zoo last week. The visit was a way to see animals in action in a real-life setting. Students were given a task to complete which involved choosing an animal and describing where it lives, what it eats and how it is adapted to survive. Students were able to link what they were seeing to lessons when they had learned about these adaptations. 

The weather was quite cold but as a result the zoo was not very busy so students were able to see animals feeding in the morning as well as playing later. Olivia entertained us all with a commentary on the monkeys!

Isha said that the penguins were really funny to watch, “one who we called speedy was a lot faster than the others and was very entertaining”. 

Dea thought the tigers were cute, “We saw them last summer when they were babies and now they are getting bigger.”.

Herries Street, London, W10 4LE

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