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Flipping good fun!

The new term started with pancake  fun on Tuesday as staff participated in SMBS’s inaugural Pancake Race

Tuesday was Pancake Day and six members of staff put themselves forward (some more willingly than others) to participate in a Pancake Race.

Ms Cardoso, Ms Hunter, Mr Laux, Ms Ali, Ms Mumbi and Ms Rodriguez lined up for what was set to be a competitive race. The competitors had to put on aprons, grab their frying pans and flip their pancakes around cones and over hurdles. The first to make it across the finish line was declared the winner and SMBS’ first ever Flipping Champion!

Sadly Ms Hunter had to retire early after her frying plan ‘went missing’ but all the other competitors made it to the finish line, with Ms Ali crossing the line first after a strong performance from the off. 

Congratulations to Ms Ali - the SMBS Flipping Champion 2023.

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