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Make a Difference Week

The student council members organised the ‘Make a Difference week’ from 16th to 20th November 2015. 

The week was aimed at giving an opportunity to students to make a positive contribution to somebody’s life. Every day during the ‘Make a Difference Week’ activities were planned and organised with the aim of promoting the Colossian school values.

On Friday the 13th of November, money was raised for the Children in Need charity.  The money raised was then donated to the charity on Monday the 16th of November by Mr. Taylor, School Manager. The students and staff members managed to raise a generous amount of £37. 20p thus, showing compassion towards Children in Need.

On Tuesday the 17th of November, children wrote about other students’ acts of Kindness towards them. The notes were then put up on Our Kindness Christmas tree. The student with the most kindness notes from their peers will receive a Christmas gift at the end of term.

On Wednesday the 18th of November, the student council members collected toys brought in by other students. The students were very generous with their contribution, some of them even donating their favourite toys. The toys collected will be gift wrapped and donated to Barnardo’s Believe in Children charity. The students outshone themselves in showing gratitude.

On Thursday 19th November, the students promoted harmony by helping the student council members clean the school playground. They were requested to spend 5 minutes of their lunch break to help clean up the school playground. The students showed great harmony in working together, and some willingly gave up the rest of their lunch break to continue helping. The students showed great team work by taking on different roles and making sure the task was completed.

Last but not least, On Friday the 20th of November the students reflected on their behaviour and shared their experience about the week in their form groups. They had to reflect on how they had made a difference to somebody’s life. The students showed great insight by reflecting on their own behaviour and how it might have affected others around them, thus promoting the Colossian value for wisdom. Two students were chosen from each form group as ‘Champions of Change’ and were handed a badge for making an immense difference in somebody’s life. 

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