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Careers, Education, Information, Advice and Guidance

At St Marylebone CE Bridge School we are committed to providing all our students in years 7 to 11 with a comprehensive programme of careers education, information, advice and guidance and work related learning. 

Our careers adviser, shared with our affiliate school, delivers group sessions, holds individual meetings with pupils and provides support throughout pupils’ time with us. Pupils explore Job Explorer Database (JED) a computer based program that makes careers information understandable, interesting, and engaging.

In addition we use work with a range of employers such as GEM and Oakray and the organisation Business in the Community (BITC) to give pupils opportunity to explore what potential employers are available locally.

To support our pupils’ communication skills in preparation for their working life we use the I Can talk for work program ( which focuses on the communication skills needed for the workplace.

Our careers education, information, advice and guidance programme:

  • Aims to inspire as well as inform and guide students
  • Is centred around the student and their needs
  • Is integrated into the students’ experience of the whole curriculum
  • Encourages all students to consider their career throughout Key Stage 3 and 4
  • Encourages all students to develop decision making skills
  • Provides each student with high quality, impartial advice
  • Raises aspirations and promotes equality and diversity

Careers programme:

All students will take part in these three activities each year:

Careers assemblies: a different professional/business is invited in each term to talk about their job

Enterprise Morning: They will also take part in Enterprise Day they will have a series of different workshops

JED: all students will use JED to explore the world of work and job opportunities that are available in each sector.  Students in Year 9 - 11 will use JED to discover what job pathways they could take dependent on their skills and interests.

There are also extra activities for the following year groups:

Year 9:

  • Discussion in Annual Review relating to future careers
  • Interview Techniques: as part of their PSHCE lessons students will practice interview skills.

Year 10:

  • Careers Fair: students are taken to external careers fairs such as Skills London and The Livery ShowcaseInterview techniques: as part of their Communication Lessons students will learn about and prepare for a job interview.  This will be taken by one of our partnership companies.
  • Business Visit: students will have the opportunity to visit a business of one of our partnership companies.
  • Careers Guidance: all students will have a 1:1 meeting with our Independent Careers Advisers in preparation for Post-16 decisions. The Information, Advice or Guidance is given independently and impartially. The focus is on the choices, qualifications and options for when they leave SMBS.
  • College Lesson: Students will spend time learning about the different colleges/sixth forms near them and start to research the courses they are interested in.

Year 11:

  • Business Visit: students will have the opportunity to visit a business of one of our partnership companies.
  • College Visits: students will have the opportunity to visit different colleges/visits and take part in taster sessions.
  • Meetings re college and post 16: all parents and students will meet with Head of KS4/tutors to help with their post-16 choices and applications
  • Transition: students with work with the SALT team to prepare for their transition to their post-16 placement

Work Experience

Work Experience for Year 11 takes place in June once they have finished their exams and qualifications. We work with a range of local businesses and organisations to try and finding a placement that is linked to their future aspirations and interests.  More detailed information will be shared with pupils and their families when placements have been found.


Parent and carers are encouraged to play an active part in support their child in making decisions around their future careers choices though our school annual review process.

Parents and carers are always welcome to contact the Careers Lead, Mr Gadogbe (0203 693 4752) or to seek advice and ask any questions they might have regarding careers pathways.

Herries Street, London, W10 4LE

020 3693 4752