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Former Pupil Pathways

Below you can find details of the pathways of some of our former pupils since leaving SMBS:


I finished St Marylebone Bridge School in 2018. Then I went to West London College and I did Sports and Nutrition Entry Level Course. My second year I did a course called Employment and then my third year I did Hospitality and Catering in the mainstream. I completed Level 1 and Level 2 and now I am doing Level 3. 

I also work during the holidays with children between ages 8 and 13 with disabilities. My job role is to plan trips and activities for them. I also have lunch with them and I get paid as well!

I also work during the holidays with children between ages 8 and 13 with disabilities. My job role is to plan trips and activities for them. I also have lunch with them and I get paid as well!

My advice to students is, if you are going to college, choose a course that you enjoy. You have lots of opportunities to do work experience and make new friends. It will be hard at some point but make sure you are there every day, and don't be late. Make sure you do your work and listen to the teachers and ask them any questions if you are stuck.





I left St Marylebone Bridge School in 2019 with a Grade 5 on my GCSE English and I passed Level 2 Functional Skills Maths.

First, I went to William Morris Sixth Form and I studied A Level English, Level 3 Health and Social Care and took my GCSE Maths. I was there for 3 years. After Sixth Form I applied for a bunch of unis and was accepted by East London University to study Counseling. I did that for a year and worked out it wasn't the right course for me so now I've changed to Creative and Professional Writing. In the future I'd like to do teaching or write books.

One thing that really helped me was embracing my speech and language needs. Before starting at St Marylebone Bridge School I was very insecure about my learning needs and I felt out of place compared to other students because they were all so much faster than me. It took a lot of work for me to accept that I was in a school for students with SLCN but then teachers and LSAs showed me I am no different to other people and I can achieve so much with my speech and language needs and a few year later I have achieved things that I never imagined I could have achieved.

My advice to current students: Always be who you are!





After I graduated from St Marylebone Bridge school I went to Carshalton College and studied Motor Vehicles. I had trouble fitting it there and realised it wasn't the right college for me. 

The next year I moved to City of Westminster College and did Level 2 Science (Chemistry, Physics and Biology). Now I am studying ICT at the college. I passed my Level 2 with distinction and now I am doing Level 3. 

In the future I want to do Computer Science or Robotic Engineering at University. I hope to work in the field of IT - I'm not sure what specifically. 

My advice for students is work hard and don't give up on your goals. I would advise students to explore more before choosing their course and know that it's OK to change your mind about what area you are interested in. 





I left SMBS in 2023. I did my work experience in Year 11 at The London Clinic and that helped me work out that I wanted a career in health or social care in the future.

Now I am at St Charles Sixth Form doing Health and Social Care Level 2 BTEC. 

In the future I want to finish college and hopefully go to university and study to be a Therapist. I want to help people by understanding their thoughts and feelings.





I left SMBS at 2021 and went to Westminster Kingsway College. I studied Construction Multi-Skills at Level 1 and 2 where I got to try out different trades. For my final year I decided to focus on Carpentry which is the trade I found most interesting. Next year I hope to find work as a carpenter.

My advice to students would be to listen to the teachers. Put your head down and pay attention because the things they teach you will stay with you through college and they are the skills you will need for the future.





I finished SMBS 5 years ago and went to West London College in Hammersmith. I did Maths and English. Then I did a Supported Internship at Kensington Town Hall but it stopped because of Covid. Then last year I started the TFL Steps Into Work program. July is my graduation and after that I will look for a job as London Underground customer service assistant. Also I am a transport enthusiast. I make videos of bus and train journeys and do a bit of train spotting and bus spotting.


My advice to students at SMBS is to work hard.





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