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Religious Studies Aims

The RS curriculum at SMBS aims to:

  • Inspire curiosity, awe and wonder about the world around us.
  • Create a safe space in which students can build and explore their own identities and form a sense of belonging.  
  • Ensure the whole school celebrates the rich and diverse cultures and beliefs of different religions.
  • Equip pupils’ with the skills to make a positive impact in their local and wider communities. 
  • Illustrate examples of and promote the importance of religious harmony and tolerance in the UK and globally, whilst challenging stereotypes. 
  • Equip pupils’ with skills that allow them to think critically and independently.
  • Encourage students to consider their wider responsibilities and how they can make a positive impact on the community around them. 
  • Develop pupils’ empathy skills and maintain an environment of open-mindedness, respect and empathy. 
  • Develop communication skills to enable pupils ensure pupils’ acquire skills that allow them to effectively and respectfully explore and engage with different viewpoints. 

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