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Supporting learning at home

We publish our curriculum on our website here 

The document is labelled ‘SMBS Curriculum overview.’

This may be useful for you when thinking about books to get from the library or when thinking of places for the family to visit.

Alongside this there is a document call Extended Home Learning for each term, this contains a few activities for each subject. 

However, home-learning includes a whole range of things, not just things which are written down. It will vary for each child and is likely to change as a pupil gets older, develops or if their needs and priorities change. Take a look at some of our suggestions below:

  • Develop language and communication skills through play, exploration and experiencing the world around them, observing and listening to what they are doing.
  • Talk to your child about their experiences and interests;
  • Read to and with your child as often as possible.
  • Encourage development of self-care skills: brushing teeth, dressing, undressing, swimming, washing hands, using the toilet, bathing/ showering.
  • Get them to think by asking them questions; e.g. What do you think might happen? Which way do you think we should go? Why do you think that happened? What is happening? Getting them to work things out, think how things fit together, what goes with what?
  • Encourage independence and life skills through: shopping, independent travel, telling the time, money management, developing home life skills, cooking.
  • Encourage learners to take responsibility for their belongings.
  • Support their understanding of situations and characters in films, stories or soap operas to enable them to ‘read’ things which they may misinterpret.
  • Support their communication through social networking and helping them to understand difficult situations which could occur.
  • Talk to your child about the technologies they use and the benefits and dangers of them. The following website may help you to do this:

The Internet also provides a range of educational games which can support your child to learn skills at home. See below for some suggestions



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