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Thank you for your ongoing support of Pupil X and for the information shared with us during our involvement. Samantha and I were so impressed with the school having not worked with yourselves before – such a good resource for the children and families who are with you.

Social worker
Jan 2022

I wanted to say thanks for all the support and training that I got to do while working at SMBS. I would honestly be so lost without it! I’ve got students with all different needs in my new school but I’m using so many of the strategies I learnt at Bridge. Former staff member
Feb 2022

My daughter has made great progress since she first started here. She has received professional support from the dedicated teachers, assistants and therapists daily. They have been helping her with understanding, communication, independence, emotional development and made her a more confident girl overall.
She loves her school, her friends, her teachers and everything around the school and learning. She never wants to miss a day! It must be a good fun, I guess, studying at St Marylebone CE Bridge School. I am very happy with my daughter’s progress and am really grateful for all the professional support she is being given every day. Thank you all!

Mar 2022
Thank you so much for having me at your school yesterday. Although brief, I had a wonderful time observing the lessons and interacting with the students. The culture of the school was instantly felt through the infectious warmth and passion of your team. A big thank you to you and your team for having me.

Visiting teacher
Mar 2022

I have to say, from now working in a huge mainstream secondary school, Bridge school is SO impressive in terms of social and emotional support for your students. You have done such a marvellous job in cultivating that. Creative Arts Mentor
Oct 2022

A group of students from your school came to visit the college for our Open Evening. They were accompanied by staff.

I wanted to extend my praise for the way the students conducted themselves yesterday evening. They were a delight to welcome into the centre and we thoroughly enjoyed having them here. They were polite, kind and enthusiastic in the conversations they had and activities in which they took part.

They are a credit to your school and of course to the work I am sure you have all been undertaking with them.

Local College Principal
Oct 2022


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