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Marie Hart

Lead Speech & Language Therapist

I am a speech and language therapist with a background in music performance. I enjoy working with students of all ages to develop their speech, language and communication skills. I have a particular interest in supporting students with Developmental Language Disorder and social communication difficulties.

I am passionate about evidence-based practice and about delivering interventions that are motivating for students with a diverse range of speech, language and communication needs.

Clemmie Naish

I am a speech and language therapist keen to support young people to become happy, successful and independent adults. I enjoy working with children and young adults with social communication and language difficulties. I also have experience working with older adults with mental health and communication needs.

I enjoy using Speech and Language Therapy strategies and knowledge to help children access lessons and maximise their potential. I am motivated by getting students engaged in their Speech and Language Therapy and seeing them able to achieve their targets.

Steph Moon

I am a speech and language therapist with      previous experience as a primary school teacher. Before joining SMBS I worked for the NHS as a speech and language therapist in a range of schools in Hertfordshire.

I enjoy using and promoting communication strategies to support young people in all aspects of their school life, and working closely with teachers to support all young people at SMBS to reach their potential. I aim to integrate evidence-based research with a deeper understanding of individual needs to find what works best for each young person.

Ellie Lawley

I am a paediatric occupational therapist with previous experience in forensic mental health services for adults with learning disabilities. I love the creativity and passion that working with young people inspires and I enjoy supporting them to become more independent, confident and happy adults.

At St. Marylebone Bridge I work closely with the staff and students in direct and group work and provide regular training to ensure OT is embedded throughout the school day. I support students with their sensory and emotional regulation needs, life skills (to increase independence in activities of daily living) and fine and gross motor skill development; equipping them with functional skills for adulthood.

Chloe Rush

I am a speech and language therapist with a background of working in NHS community paediatric services prior to joining the team at SMBS.

I am particularly keen to support young people with speech, language or social communication difficulties to develop an understanding of themselves and their unique patterns of strengths and needs. I aim to combine evidence-based practice and a focus on wellbeing to ensure young people have the tools and information they need to build positive relationships with others and achieve their goals into adulthood. 

Elspeth Scott

I am an art therapist with experience of working with children and young people of all ages. I also work with adults in my private practice.

At The St Marylebone Bridge School I see students weekly on an individual basis. They are able to use a variety of materials in ways that can help them to explore their thoughts and feelings. As the art therapy is not dependent on spoken language, it can be especially helpful to anyone who finds it difficult to express themselves verbally. Sometimes words can't be used or found to describe thoughts and feelings but image-making and images themselves can help to do so.

I enjoy supporting the students on their therapeutic journey, helping to bring about beneficial changes and progress in different areas of their young lives. 


Additional Input

At The St Marylebone CE Bridge School we work closely with other professionals to ensure our students access additional input if needed.

Currently the school is working with professionals to provide access to Creative Mentoring, Physiotherapy, School Nursing, and Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services.

17-23 Third Avenue, London, W10 4RS

020 3693 4752